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Article directories have become some of the most popular types of websites in the world. A simple method to evaluate the popularity and authority of a website is to turn to Alexa or some other indexing service for traffic statistics and page rank. More often than not, you will find that article directories outrank very well-known websites and famous brands. So how can this be? And why is it important to submit articles to these directories?

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In this posting we will discuss the benefits of article marketing and why it is so crucial to submit articles to article directories. First of all, let us explain what an article directory is and what it can do for your business. Think of these directories as large warehouses where millions of paper articles are stored on the shelves. This is exactly what online article directories are - only in digital form. It may come as a surprise that these "library" kind of websites may rank so high in the search engine results, however, it all has to do with the sheer volume of quality content that they can provide. Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing loves good content, and this is why article directories perform so well in rankings. This is also the reason why it is important to submit free articles to these directories.

One of the first mistakes many internet marketers will make is to skip the often tedious work of longterm marketing planning. Certainly it can be more rewarding and more fun to advertise your product or service in the short-term by bidding for keywords, or by purchasing direct website traffic. While this short-term approach probably will give your business a temporary boost in traffic and sales, it will not help your business to get sticky in the search engine results. As you probably already know, any online business looking to prevail and become successful, will eventually need the power of natural, organic traffic from search engines in order to expand.

Once you understand the importance of why you should submit articles to article directories, then you also hold the golden key to article marketing. However, it does not stop there, and again, many internet marketers will practice article marketing with a far too short perspective. A considerable number of potential article writers will submit an article or two, sit back, and wait for magical things to happen. Well, it simply does not work this way.

When an article is submitted and finally published in one of the prominent article directories, it needs to get indexed. What this means is that search engines preferably should pick it up and display it in their search results. While this process may feel like something that you have no control over whatsoever, it is something that is almost guaranteed to happen when the article is published in one of the larger directories.

The next crucial step in article marketing is syndication. Syndication simply means that your article is distributed to more places on the web other than the single publication in the article directory and the one search result. There are several ways that syndication may occur. Firstly, your article may be republished by a reader of the article directory in question. This is a great way to spread your content! If your article is on an interesting topic, or is exceptionally well-written, well, then chances are that many people will redistribute the article by placing it on their blogs or websites resulting in much greater exposure for your work.

Secondly, search engine results are truly organic. What I mean by this is that a search engine listing may grow and syndicate all by itself. Casual visitors may find your article while searching for a specific keyword, other search engines may pick up the same listing, and other websites may in fact find and link to your article. As you can see, there is a lot of potential for one single article submission. By repeating the process, and by submitting more articles to several article directories, you are well on your way towards a good article marketing strategy.

On a final note, and to avoid any confusion, it must be said that the whole process described above may take a considerable amount of time, up to several months at the least. This is also the reason for why many internet marketers opt out from article marketing too soon - they simply do not have the patience to wait for the results.

For anyone who understands the true value of submitting free articles to directories, however, may have a golden future ahead of them as successful business entrepreneurs.

Articles About Everything


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